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What I Pack in My Carry on Bag

Personally I love reading these kinds of posts. I love seeing what people put in their bags and seeing if it’s different from the stuff that I pack. Basically I just love to be nosy ha! I thought it was about time I wrote a post of my own as I’ve been travelling for work a lot lately and I’ve had to fly. I hadn’t actually flown for about two years and hadn’t ever flown without checking my baggage before either, so when it came to packing a carry on bag I had to do my research.

I didn’t know that all liquids needed to be under 100ml for example or that liquids also meant creams, gels and pastes. When they include all of that your clear little bag fills up real quick FYI! I had to find ways to take all the stuff I needed without filling the see through bag up (they’re funny about it closing all the way) so I went on the hunt for the right containers that would save the most space whilst also being suitable for what I wanted to take.

I ended up going for a little stacking set of pots from Boots which were around Β£2.50. They take up the same amount of space as one regular sized travel bottle but you get 5 little pots instead of one bottle. No brainer really, especially when you think about everything you use everyday to get ready and then think about how you would fit all of that into one little resealable see through bag. I use the pots for foundation, primer, moisturiser, spot cream and face wash. The only other liquids as such that I take are concealer, mascara, brown gel, brow pomade, anti-perspirant, body spray, hand sanitiser, lip balm, liquid lipstick, eyeshadow primer and hair oil. See, it’s actually quite a lot of stuff when you write it all down! I thought packing light would be easy but when it comes to makeup and toiletries it’s actually quite hard.

The extra bits that I pack which aren’t included in the little see through bag as they’re not restricted are: bronzer, blusher, one eyeshadow palette and makeup removing wipes. At home I never use makeup wipes but they’re amazing for travelling with only carry on luggage as it reduces the amount of liquids you’re taking, which if you’re a frequent domestic flyer you will know is a necessity. Now you may of noticed that I don’t pack toothpaste, this is a little trick I learnt off of a friend. All major hotels stock what is called a dental kit, if you ask at reception for one they will give you a little box which has a toothbrush and a little tube of toothpaste. For me, I’m only ever away for two nights so it’s the perfect amount of toothpaste and again saves on the liquids you have to try and stuff in the infamous see through bag.

Now I won’t bore you by listing things I obviously take like underwear, pj’s and clothes because those are all a given. I don’t take a hairdryer or any shampoo or conditioner as I usually don’t need to wash my hair and if I do, the hotel has all three! Again very handy for luggage weight. It’s always good to check on your hotels website (if you’re staying at one!) to see what toiletries they offer as it saves you having to bring things with you unnecessarily. Other than the necessities the only other things I like to bring with me are my hair straighteners, chargers, iPad and wireless Bluetooth keyboard (it’s amazing for blogging!), a good book and a hairbrush. All in all I think I pack quite light to be honest, I don’t take anything that I don’t need or use which is what matters when it comes to packing else you end up carting a load of crap with you that you just aren’t going to use.

What are your travel tips? I love being organised and I’m always looking for little tips and tricks to make things easier when travelling.

7 thoughts on “What I Pack in My Carry on Bag”

  • I got those exact same pots last year and have used them for a few trips abroad! Unfortunately they somehow cracked but they were so handy for moisturiser, primer and foundation like you said. I always make sure to keep hold of any empty bottles which are 100ml or less so I can fill them with which ever liquid I like. I also use empty lip balm pots and empty brow pomade pots – they’re so handy to keep hold of! xx

    • They’re really handy aren’t they! Ooh that’s a really good idea. I need to do that with little empty spray bottles because I don’t currently have anything to take perfume in so I’m relying on Impulse haha taking it back to 2001. xxx

  • I always stress about taking makeup onto the plane, as I always remember seeing a woman being made to chuck everything she had away and it’s stayed with me haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Omg really?? Awful! That sounds like a nightmare haha! I always make sure each item is under 100ml and that the clear bag does up, you can’t go wrong then really. The first trip I did was stressful though! πŸ™ˆ I was convinced they were going to take something haha xx

  • I love jeffree star but I haven’t got any of his make up, is it good? I love Maybelline brow mascaras but I prefer the one that recently come out brow precise something XD Can’t remember now but I can look the name for you if you want! πŸ˜‰ Would you mind check out my page? It would mean the world to me! Xxx
    Love, Mimi

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