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Why Friends Is One of My Favourite Tv Shows

Friends. It’s one of those tv shows that everyone loves isn’t it? (ok, I know some people don’t like it but those people are weird) Forget who likes it and who doesn’t. I love it. Friends is one of those tv shows that can snap me out of a bad mood in a heartbeat. It’s just so wholesome and comforting. Sure there are episodes that make you cry as well as make you laugh but on the whole it’s a happy, laughter inducing show.

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Now don’t let my Netflix series tracker fool you, I’ve seen every episode. Just not in order. As soon as Friends became available on Netflix I knew it was something I needed to do. I’m currently on season 3 and I’m really glad it seems to be taking me ages to work my way through the series because I am loving it so much and really don’t want it to end. Although I guess the great thing about Friends is that there are so many episodes that even when you’ve seen them all re-watching the earlier episodes feels like you haven’t seen them for ages.

As I’m writing this I have a horrible throat infection and feel really poorly and it’s been a great distraction from the constant throat pain every time I swallow, or exist. Friends is one of those shows that pretty much everyone I know who’s around my age has seen (I’m 29). Growing up every girl in school wanted to have hair like Rachel and everyone always associated with a certain character (I’m 100% Monica FYI).

I think what I love the most about Friends is their friendship. I love how no matter what they always stick together and are there for one another, which is something that I feel has really dwindled nowadays. We live in a world where an argument can suddenly be taken online, slanging matches ensue and it just all gets ugly really fast. I have a lovely group of friends who I’m very grateful for don’t get me wrong, but part of me wishes we could all meet up every day in the same coffee shop and chat about stuff. Unfortunately we don’t all live within walking distance of each other so it would be kind of a trek, also not everyone likes coffee so this dream is kind of short-lived. Also probably not super realistic as coffee shops are pretty expensive.

That’s something I never really understood in Friends actually. Most of the time (particularly in the earlier seasons) they complain about not having much money yet they drink in Central Perk every day. Monica also always seemed to have a fridge stocked with a vast variety of bottled drinks, which aren’t exactly cheap. Ok I’m getting off point here. Let’s try to find a way back shall we?

Friends is and always will be one of my favourite tv shows of all time, I’m even watching it now as I type this. It’s comforting, it makes me laugh and it brings back so many memories. Like the time I tried to cut my hair like Rachel’s and ended up with two bits at the front that were entirely different lengths but that’s a story for another day.

Whats your favourite Friends episode?

I think mine would be…actually you know what I can’t decide. I spent a good fifteen minutes thinking about it and I can’t narrow it done sorry!

Thanks for reading!

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