Why I’m Loving Bullet Journaling More Than Ever

Ever since I moved into my new bullet journal after finishing my first bujo of the year I have been loving it more than ever. Bullet journaling is something that has really taken off this past couple of years which is great because the more people that do it the more bujo inspo I can pin. It’s 100% my favourite hobby but it’s also so much more than that.

Bullet journaling keeps my entire life organised. It’s a place to write to-do lists, events, birthdays, important dates, wish lists, blog ideas, track habits, work towards goals. You name it, you can use a bullet journal for it. I look forward to filling in my bullet journal every day and that is all the more true of late. I don’t know if it’s the freshness of starting a new bullet journal or that I’m just using it more than ever before and am more aware of how much I enjoy it. I find myself constantly pinning ideas on Pinterest or thinking of things I can use my bujo for. I am just bullet journal obsessed lately and I’m not complaining.


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Keeping organised and having a place to track things I need to do is really important to me. If I have a tidy mind then I feel so much better and it really shows. Bullet journaling helps improve my mental health because it gives me an outlet. When I feel anxious it’s a place to write, a place to jot down all my thoughts or a bunch of tasks I need to remember to do. It’s a place to unload everything I cram in my brain. As much as my bullet journal is functional it’s also a hobby. I practise lettering, drawing, create collections and use it for fun as much as I do for organising my life.

My bullet journal is a part of my life that I can’t ever see changing. It’s such a flexible system and it just works for me. I love having everything in one place (even if I do need two bullet journals a year) and being able to flip to a page to check on something because I’ve indexed it. It really is a great system and if you currently use a planner and it’s not quite working for you I really would urge you to give bullet journaling a go.

You don’t have to be super creative, an amazing drawer or even fantastic at lettering. Sure, you can include all of those things but the basic concept of bullet journaling is very simple and is so adaptive that it really can suit anyone. I’m such an advocate of the bullet journal because I really do feel that it has improved my life. It’s something that started as a bit of a hobby and way to organise and plan but turned into so much more. It’s become one of the main focuses of my blog, not to mention my Instagram account. It’s provided countless hours of fun where I’ve spent evenings doodling away or creating trackers/layouts/collections.

It’s also a really great hobby if you’re looking to get into something that doesn’t involve screen time.  Apart from scrolling through Pinterest/Instagram for inspiration, it’s a great way to get some time away from your laptop/phone. I truly cannot say enough good things about bullet journaling, there’s such a large community of amazing bullet journalists and I love that more and more people are getting into it.

If you bullet journal then please leave your Instagram/blog/twitter below so I can check yours out! I love seeing other people’s bullet journals.

Thanks for reading!

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